Venus (literally coming naked in French, named by Tungu because of all the dead people arriving at the gates of heaven, completely naked) is the Troende heaven. It is where all the deities - apart from Dauo and his wife Daua who live on Jupiter (hell) - live.


When a human dies, it's soul goes to Venus to be "judged" by Konun, if the judgement of his life is GOOD, it lives among the gods on Venus and can watch over their loved ones on Earth. But, if the judgement is BAD, it goes to Dauo on Jupiter to be judged again, if it is WEAK-BAD then the soul eternally sits around on the planet, unable to do anything. If the judgement of the soul is MILD-BAD then the soul eternally sits around on the planet and is deprived of food and water. On the occasion that the soul is STRONG-BAD the soul is the eternally-suffering slave of Dauo and Daua and can never eat or drink .

Animal JudgementEdit

Animals go to Saturn to be judged.